about the agents

The Agents are a pair of inept secret agents from an undisclosed government agency.

reading the agents

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the characters

Agent 3Agent 3
Agent 3 is a handsome, virile young man who places his life on the line every day to protect our national security, well at least that's what it says in his online dating profile.

Agent 7Agent 7
Agent 7 had planned to be a stenographer, but she when she arrived at the vocational training center she accidentally signed up for the secret agent course instead. It wasn't until they started small arms training that she realized she was in the wrong course. She failed the final exam, but the instructor had diarrhea that day and gave everyone a passing grade just so he could get to the bathroom quickly.

The ChiefThe Chief
The Chief has to deal with the incompetence of agents 3 and 7 on a daily bases and he is not at all happy about it. Since he is nearing retirement and doesn't want to lose his pension due to misconduct he quietly cleans up the mess left behind by agents 3 and 7.

Agent 14Agent 54
A recent graduate of the secret agent course, Agent 54 is the newest agent to join the undisclosed government agency. She's cute and energetic. Maybe too cute and energetic, at least that's what agent 7 thinks. 



I don't have a specific schedule for updating The Agents, it's completely random. Sometimes its every day, sometimes it's much, much longer. Please subscribe so you'll know when a new episode has been uploaded.

authors note

The Agents has no real plot, no agenda and no relevance to current social or economic conditions. It's basically a self-serving platform for me to tell short stories and jokes that may or may not be funny.

talent disclaimer

The Agents is made with ComiPo!. Yes, I know, all of the ComiPo! comics look the same. Maybe when my hands grow back I can draw it myself. (I'm sorry, I just lied to you. I do have hands, I just can't draw.)


The Agents is Copyright © Keith Bingham (DedTreeJig)
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